Simple Financial Reports

Keep the track of your numbers with Garage Invoice easy-to-use reports. Instantly see how well your business is performing.

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Invoices Report

Get detailed overview of all invoices you have created in a given time period. Sort by invoice status (paid, partially paid and overdue), see tax splits, adjustments and discount applied.
Export to Excel, print or generate PDF report document. 

garage invoice reports invoices
garage invoice reports customers
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Customers Report

Simple report to give you an idea of most valuable customers.
Generate Customer Statement report and print or send it directly to customers mailbox.

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Expenses Report

Simple overview report to keep your spending in check. Detailed report provides you with breakdown where you have spent your money in any given time frame.

garage invoice reports
garage invoice reports stock
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Stock Control Reports

Get real-time insights into stock levels, product prices and orders with automatic low-level stock notifications.

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Payments Received Report

Overview of received payments with invoice no, customer, payment mode and date.

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Credit Notes Report

Clearly communicate when payment is expected, preferred payment method or additional fees for late payments.

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Time Sheets Overview

See exactly how many hours you and your staff spent on the jobs. Check tasks, vehicles and customers.

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Simple Charts Reports

Visualization of your Total Income, transactions split by Payment Modes and Customer Groups.

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Even More Powerful Reporting Features

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