Garage Invoice Features that every Vehicle Workshop needs

Garage Invoice makes running your workshop easy and efficient, saving you time and effort.
Our vehicle management software offers user-friendly features such as quick invoicing, billing, and inventory management, making it a hassle-free solution for auto repair shops across the UK and Europe.
Garage Invoice - Vehicle Management Software Features


Customers Worldwide


Vehicles Serviced

over £650m

Invoices Generated


Everything you need for your business' invoicing process

Garage Invoice simplifies your invoicing for vehicle workshops, saving time, ensuring prompt payments, and making customer information management stress-free.


Win more customers with professional looking quotes

Use your computer or phone to quickly create and send quotes. Give instant quotes/estimates for faster decisions from your customers.

Job Cards

Detailed job cards for any vehicle workshop

Our job cards make it easy to keep track of customers, work, and who's on the job. Simplify your process and work smarter.


Smart vehicle management for car garages

Make life easy with Garage Invoice—just add, manage, and find your vehicles hassle-free, all in one handy spot.


Organize your workshop's customer data with ease

Simplify workshop management: add unlimited customer records with addresses and telephone details. Create custom groups for effortless organization of customer contacts.


Monitor and control your vehicle garage expenses in real-time.

Keep things hassle-free by easily recording your expenses. Set up recurring expenses, like rent and staff salaries, and attach receipts—all in one convenient place.


Boost workshop efficiency with online appointments

Tired of the appointment shuffle over calls and emails? Say bye-bye to that! Now, save time – let your customers book online 24/7. Simple, easy, and stress-free scheduling for any vehicle garage and workshop.


Never forget important workshop tasks with Garage Invoice's handy reminders

Garage Invoice lets you easily set reminders for all sorts of things. You can remind yourself about important invoices, tasks, or even to contact a customer. Additionally, you can remind your customers about upcoming vehicle services, MOT expiration, or create your own custom reminders.


Stay in complete control of your inventory levels

Easily keep tabs on your parts, tyres, and workshop supplies all in one place. Manage and track inventory levels effortlessly with Garage Invoice.


Vehicle management software Reports

Stay in the loop about your business success with Garage Invoice. Check out easy-to-understand reports on sales, expenses, and orders to see how well things are going overall.


Record payments faster

Record payments against invoices seamlessly. Embrace flexibility by accepting partial payments through cash, credit/debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, or create a customized payment mode tailored to your needs.


Free VRM lookups & Postcode lookups

We provide unlimited VRM and Postcode lookups for vehicle workshops at no charge. Users do not need to purchase any credits to access our comprehensive VRM and Postcode lookup. UK and IE only.

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Professional, affordable, and feature-rich Invoicing software for Workshops and Car Garages - making management simple and efficient.