Vehicle Job Cards

At Garage Invoice, we understand the importance of efficiency and organization. That's why we've developed comprehensive job cards tailored to streamline your garage operations. With our Garage Management Software, you'll experience seamless tracking of customer work, staff assignments, and job progress.

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Streamlined Assignments

Our job cards simplify your process by allowing you to assign tasks to staff members effortlessly.

Whether it's monitoring work progress or consolidating multiple tasks into a single card, our software helps you boost efficiency and keep things organized.

Online Customer Approval

One of the standout features of our software is the ability for online customer approval.

Say goodbye to manual approvals and paperwork – with our system, customers can easily accept and sign job cards electronically, saving you time and minimizing manual work.

Detailed Parts and Labour Tracking

Adding parts and labor to job cards has never been easier.
Our Vehicle Management Software, Garage Invoice, allows you to include detailed information such as part numbers, descriptions, and prices, ensuring accuracy and transparency.
Plus, with options to attach pictures and videos directly to job cards, you can provide comprehensive information to your customers.

Effortless Conversion to Quotes and Invoices

And when it comes to converting job cards into quotes or invoices, our software simplifies the process.

With just one click, you can convert job cards into professional quotes or invoices, saving time and reducing duplication efforts.

Seamless Customer Communication

Communication with customers is key, which is why our software enables you to send job cards and updates directly to their email or phone via SMS.
With automated reminders for pending job cards, you can ensure timely responses and keep your customers informed every step of the way.

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