Managing pre-defined Item list

Item List

Learn how add and delete items, that can be easily added when creating Invoices.

Pre-defined item list is useful when creating Invoices. It allows you to quickly add items/services with prices and tax rates.


Managing Items List

  • Click on ‘UTILITIES‘ option located on the sidebar menu (left-hand side of the screen). and select option ‘Items‘.
  • Items list screen allows to create new items, groups and edit existing items.
  • To add item click on ‘NEW ITEM‘ button.

    Fill in item’s name (description), long description, set price and tax rates if applicable. 
    You can add item into a group.

    Click ‘SAVE‘ to add new item/service to the system.
  • Click ‘CHOOSE FILE‘ button, locate and select your new logo, and click ‘OPEN‘ button to confirm selection.

    Repeat same steps for PDF Logo if required.

  • To Edit or Delete an item, just hover your mouse cursor over its name and select appropriate option.

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