How to upload or change logo

Business Logo

Learn how to upload your business logo or change it to a new one.

Garage Invoice uses 2 different logos:

  • Main Logo – is used across the system and on login screens
  • PDF Logo – is used for Invoices, Quotes, Credit Notes and emails sent to customers.

Note: Supported extensions for logo files are: png, jpg and jpeg

How to upload or change Logo

  • Click on ‘SETUP‘ option located on the sidebar menu (left-hand side of the screen).
  • Click on ‘SETTINGS‘ option located on the sidebar menu and select ‘LOGO‘ option from sub-menu.
  • Click on small red ‘x‘ symbol to delete previously uploaded Main Logo.
    Confirm your action with ‘OK‘.

    Repeat same step for PDF Logo if required.

  • Click ‘CHOOSE FILE‘ button, locate and select your new logo, and click ‘OPEN‘ button to confirm selection.

    Repeat same steps for PDF Logo if required.

  • Once the files are selected click ‘SAVE SETTINGS’ button to upload your new files.

  • New logo files has been uploaded, but to see changes, we need to refresh our browser cache.

    Windows users: press Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard
    Mac users: press Command + Shift +R on your keyboard.

    Once the screen refreshes itself, you should see logo changes applied.

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