How to set up Offline Payments (Change Bank Details)

Offline Payment Modes

Learn how to set up offline payment modes that are visible on Invoices and Quotes.

Payment modes are visible to your customers on the bottom of your invoices (PDF’s) e.g. you can place your bank details for bank transfers.
You can add as many Payment Modes as you need (e.g. two different bank details; 1st for business customers, 2nd for individuals etc.)

Payments modes are also used to record payments against invoices, so you can easily mark how Customer paid you (e.g cash, credit/debit card or bank transfer etc.)

How to add new Offline Payment Mode

  • Click on ‘SETUP‘ option located on the sidebar menu (left-hand side of the screen).
  • Click on ‘FINANCE‘ option located on the sidebar menu and select ‘Payment Modes‘ option from sub-menu.
  • Click on ‘NEW PAYMENT MODE‘ button.
  • Fill in Payment Mode Name and Bank Accounts / Description fields.

    Select options below to make this payment mode Active, to show it on Invoice PDFs and if it should be auto-selected for every new invoice you create.
    You can also choose if you want this payment mode active only for Invoices or only for Quotes.

    Click ‘SAVE‘ button to add payment mode to the system.

  • You can easily activate/deactivate, edit or delete payment modes.
    Just use active flick switch and edit/delete buttons.

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