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How to manage Invoices (Edit or Cancel)

Managing Invoices

Learn how to edit or cancel Invoices

You can edit Invoices with different statuses.

Note: If you edit invoice with ‘Paid’ status and:

  • increase total invoice value (e.g. changing item price or adding new item), invoice status will change to ‘Partially Paid’
  • decrease total invoice value (e.g. changing item price or removing item), invoice will stay with ‘Paid’ status, but overall customer’s Statement Balance will be negative (view in Customer → Statement).

play_button_blueHow to manage Invoices

Invoices overview screen – managing

  • Click on ‘INVOICES‘ option located on the sidebar menu (left-hand side of the screen).

  • Locate and click on invoice you want to manage.

  • Here you can
    • Create Tasks – billable tasks related to this specific invoice
    • Check Activity Log
    • Set Reminders and get notified on specific day/time
    • Add notes for other staff members
    • Track if customer opened email (if it was sent) and viewed an invoice.
  • You can also:
    • Edit Invoice – add/delete invoice items, change prices/rates
    • View/print or download PDF version of invoice
    • Send email with invoice attached to customer
    • Attach files to be sent with invoice
    • Cancel Invoice
    • Create Credit Note based on invoices’ items list
    • Record Payment

Garage Invoice system will also notify you if there are other unpaid invoices for this customer and if you would like to merge them into one.
You’ll be also notified if there are any Credit Notes available to be applied.