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How to delete or de-activate Customer

Delete or De-activate Customer

Learn how to delete or de-activate customer from the system.

With Garage Invoice you can

  • Delete Customer – permanently delete customer details from the system
  • De-Activate Customer – customer will not be visible when creating invoices/quotes and will not have access to Customer Portal.

Note: You can only delete customer who has no transactions on his account (Invoice, Quotes etc.). Customers with recorded transactions can be de-activated instead.

play_button_blueHow to delete or de-activate Customer

How to Delete or De-activate Customer profile

  • Click on ‘CUSTOMERS‘ option located on the sidebar menu (left-hand side of the screen).

  • Locate customer on the list and:
    • to Delete – hover a mouse cursor over customer’s name and click option ‘Delete’.
    • to De-activate – flip the green switch in Active column.