How to create tasks/jobs for vehicles.

Creating tasks/jobs

Learn how to create tasks/jobs for vehicles and stay on top of your work.

With Garage Invoice you can easily create tasks/jobs, log time you’ve spent on them and Invoice it all in one go.

How to create a vehicle related task

  • Click on ‘VEHICLES‘ option located on the sidebar menu (left-hand side of the screen).
  • Locate vehicle on the list and click on it’s Reg Plate Number.
  • Click ‘NEW TASK‘ button.
  • Fill in required information: Task Name and Start Date.

    Optionally you can set Due Date (task will be visible on Calendar).
    Task Description field is a good place to add additional comments.

    If you’re creating a billable task, please ensure that ‘Billable’ option is selected.
    You can hide the task from other staff members and customers – options ‘Public’ and ‘Visible to Customer

    Click ‘SAVE’ to add this task.

  • Here you can:
    1. Mark task as complete – marked tasks will disappear from your Calendar,  and will be ready to be invoiced.
      Add Time Sheets -manually add staff time sheets logging how much time you’ve spent on this task
      Start Timer – simply start timer and stop timer after task is done. System will automatically calculate task’s billable amount based on Hourly Rate.
    2. Insert Checklists – pre-defined list of sub-tasks that needs to be done to complete the whole task (e.g. main task – Car Service, sub-tasks – Engine Oil Replacement, Oil Filter Replacement etc.)
    3. Comments section – add useful comments or pictures/videos for your Customer, who will be able to see task progress in Customer Portal. Good place to list other advisories or work that needs to be done in near future.
    4. Reminders – set in app or email reminders to staff that are working on this task.
    5. Assignees – delegate staff to accomplish this task
    6. Easily upload pictures or videos for staff members or customer.

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