How to create an Invoice

Creating Invoices

Learn how to create an Invoice in Garage Invoice system.

While creating an invoice, you can also set due date, add discount (fixed amount or %), make adjustment and add Client Note.

Note: Customer must exist in the system before you’ll be able to create invoice for him.
Please refer to this guide: How to add a new Customer.

How to create an Invoice

  • Click on ‘INVOICES‘ option located on the sidebar menu (left-hand side of the screen).
  • Click ‘CREATE NEW INVOICE‘ button.
  • Start with selecting the Customer.
    You can start typing customer’s name/company name or press space bar on your keyboard to view all customers in alphabetical order.
  • If there is a vehicle added in the system and assigned to this customer, you can select it with Vehicle field. 
    You can start typing Registration Plate Number or press space bar on your keyboard to view all vehicles assigned to this customer.
    Optional: you can also add Mileage, MOT No and Authorization No.
  • Add invoice item lines with Item name, description, Qty, Price and TAX rate if required.
    Confirm with blue check mark symbol.

    You can easily add pre-defined items from ‘Add Item’ menu. 


  • Once you finish creating invoice, click on ‘SAVE‘ button to add invoice to the system.

    You can click on small triangle next to ‘SAVE’ button for more options:
    – Save & Send – save and send invoice email to customer
    – Save & Send Later –  save and schedule invoice email to customer
    – Save & Record Payment – save invoice and go to record payment screen
  • Your newly created Invoice will be right leading the list of invoice on the left-hand side of the screen.
    Right-hand side will show a preview of created invoice.

    There are additional options:
    Garage Invoice How to create invoice7
     where you can Edit Invoice, View/Print or Download PDF or send Invoice to customer via email.
    Under ‘More‘ option you can Create Credit Note or Attach File (e.g. pictures of job you’ve done) and send them to customer together with Invoice email or simply Delete Invoice.

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