How to add or change VAT/TAX rates


Learn how to add or change VAT/TAX rates for Garage Invoice system.

Garage Invoice gives you the ability to add unlimited tax rates. Tax rates are used on your Invoices, Quotes and some reports.

Note: you can’t change tax rate that has already been used to create Invoice or Quote. Instead, create a new one that can be used on future Invoice/Quotes.

Additional settings for Tax rates displayed on Invoices and Quotes can be found in Setup → Settings → Finance tab.

How to add/edit Tax Name and it's Rate.

  • Click on ‘SETUP‘ option located on the sidebar menu (left-hand side of the screen).
  • Click on ‘FINANCE‘ option located on the sidebar menu and select ‘Tax Rates‘ option from sub-menu.
  • Click on ‘NEW TAX‘ button to add new tax rate to the system.

    If you want to edit a tax that is already added into the system, click on edit icon next to its name.

  • Enter a new tax name with tax rate, and click ‘SAVE‘ button to add new tax to system.

Note: each tax name needs to be different.

  • You can also edit and delete taxes that are already in the system, assuming that they haven’t been used to create Invoices and Quotes.
    Just use Edit or Delete buttons.

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