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How to add or change base currency (£, €, $…)

Base Currency

Learn how to add a new currency to Garage Invoice system and set it as a base currency.

Set a base currency that will be used across the whole system; when creating invoices, quotes etc.
Please ensure that correct ISO code for currency is entered when setting up. ISO codes can be found here.

Note: Changing the base currency is possible only if there are no Invoices, Quotes, Payments and Credit Notes transactions recorded in that currency. Delete transactions to change the base currency.

play_button_blueHow to add a new Currency

How to upload or change Logo

  • Click on ‘SETUP‘ option located on the sidebar menu (left-hand side of the screen).

  • Click on ‘FINANCE‘ option located on the sidebar menu and select ‘Currencies‘ option from sub-menu.

  • Click on ‘NEW CURRENCY‘ button.

  • Enter Currency ISO Code (e.g. GBP, USD, EUR etc. – list of currency codes), currency symbol (e.g. £, $, €).
    Select decimal and thousand seperator and currency symbol placement.

    Click ‘SAVE‘ button to add new currency to the system.

  • To set a new currency as a base one for Garage Invoice system, click on blue ‘STAR‘ button.

  • You can update and delete currencies that are already in the system.
    Just use Edit and Delete buttons.