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How to add an employee or administrator user

New System User

Learn how to add a new system user (employee or administrator).

Each user can have different permissions to access parts of the system. E.g. you can create a new user login for your Accountant and allow him to access only Reports menu, but not Vehicles etc.

Note: System comes with predefined roles, that can be further adjusted to your business needs.

play_button_blueHow to add new user member

How to add new staff user to Garage Invoice system

  • Click on ‘SETUP‘ option located on the sidebar menu (left-hand side of the screen).

  • Click on ‘STAFF‘ option located on the sidebar menu, then click on ‘NEW STAFF MEMBER‘ button.

  • On Profile tab:
    Fill in users First Name, Last Name and Email address (required fields).
    You can also set Hourly Rate, Telephone Number, Social Links and Email Signature that will be used for this user.

    Check corresponding Member Departments – user will be able to reply to customers in Support System.

    Ensure that option Send welcome email is checked – user will receive an invitation email with all login details (check spam box).

  • On User Role tab:
    Select user role from pre-defined roles.
    You can also adjust permissions to give access to parts of the Garage Invoice system, by checking corresponding options below.

    Note: View (Global) – will give access to all data, View (Own) – will give access to their records (created by this user) or assigned to by administrator.

  • Once the required fields and permissions for user are set, click ‘SAVE‘ button to add user to the system.

  • You can delete or deactivate staff users.
    To delete user – hover your cursor over user’s name and click delete.
    To deactivate – flick the green switch in ‘Active’ column. Deactivated user’s will not be able to log in to the system.