Website Builder Overview

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When you editing page in Website Builder, you will see a content of your page and a toolbar located on the top.

  1. Tools – located on the left-hand side of toolbar
  2. Content Panel – located on the right-hand side
  3. Action Buttons – located on the right-hand side, above content panel

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Tools menu

Open the Tools menu by clicking the arrow in the page title bar in the upper-left corner of your editing screen, as shown in this screenshot.
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This menu has the following choices:

  • Edit Title & SEO – click to edit title of your page and adjust seo settings.
  • Publish Layout – publishes the layout without closing the Website Builder editor.
  • Preview Layout – opens a preview screen, where you can preview as a small, medium, or large device. Click Continue editing to return to the Website Builder editing screen.
  • Responsive Editing – edit your layout directly in a medium or small device view. Click Exit to return to large screen editing.
  • Revisions – display the previously published revisions available to revert to. The number of revisions available is displayed in brackets.
  • History – display the history created while using Website Builder. You can easily undo or redo any changes that were made while editing.
  • Change UI Brightness – this option is a toggle that changes the UI skin from light (default) to dark and back.
  • Help – play an introductory video, take a quick guide tour of Website Editor, or click links to open Knowledge Base or contact our support.

Content Panel

Open the Content Panel menu by clicking the plus symbol in the page title bar in the upper-right corner of your editing screen, as shown in this screenshot.
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In Content Panel you can find:

  • Modules tab – content-based building blocks that can be dropped to a page
  • Rows tab – rows/columns and pre-made rows that can be dragged to a page content
  • Templates tab – ready-made page layouts, that can be further customize

Note: You can design your page from scratch using Modules and Rows (see this guide: How to use Modules & Rows),
or add pre-designed template to your page and edit its content afterwords (see this guide: How to use Templates).

Video tutorial:

Action Buttons

  • Editing Status – this area is blank before you make any editing changes and shows as Edited when there are any unpublished changes, even from previous sessions.
  • Outline Panel – lets you view and modify the structure of your page layout in an outline format.
  • Content Panel show/hide – show or hide content panel
  • Done – publish or discard changes made in Website Editor


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