My Website is not Loading | Unable to View My Live Site

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If your website is not loading, or you are unable to view your live site, make sure that you are entering your domain name or site URL correctly in your browser.


Review the questions below to determine the cause of the issue.

Do you receive an error message on your site?

Below are some common error messages you might see when there is a problem loading your site.
Select the error message you’re receiving for more information:

Is your site published?

If you just placed your order, please allow up to 48h, before trying to access your new website.
Once your website is published and online, we’ll send you a confirmation email.

Has your domain expired?

Domain names that are provided on your website purchase, are set to renew automatically, however, if you’ve cancelled your subscription or if there were payment issues, your domain may have expired. If you purchased your domain elsewhere, please contact your domain host to make sure your domain hasn’t expired.

Is your subscription active?

In order for your site to remain online, it needs to have an active subscription. All Subscriptions are set to renew automatically, however, if you cancelled your renewal or there were payment problems it may have expired.

You can check the status of your subscription in My Account page.
If your subscription has expired (is not active), simply re-subscribe or reactivate it from your account.

Contact Support

Should you find yourself unable to view or edit your website, please use this form to reach out to us. Our support team will provide you with a prompt answer.


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