Guide: Troubleshooting

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Your website is not displaying correctly, or some areas don’t load properly?
This is often caused by local settings or browser add-ons. But don’t worry – you should be able to solve these problems on your own.

Check your browser for the following items

  1. Have tried refreshing your Website/Page? If not, please follow this guide: Refresh My Website/Page
  2. Is your browser up to date? Check our system requirements for more information.
  3. Did you enable JavaScript in your browser? You’ll need to activate it in order to work on your website.
  4. Did you configure your browser to never accept cookies? If so, please change this setting. Without cookies, your website cannot be edited properly.
  5. Are you using script blockers like NoScript? If yes, make sure that it does not block any Garage Website Online scripts.
    To test this, deactivate your script blocker and see if this changes anything. Also make sure to deactivate any other plugins or add-ons of this kind.
  6. Do you use ad blockers like AdBlock Plus? If so, you’ll have to deactivate your ad blocker completely or put Jimdo on the list of exceptions.
  7. Are you using a security program such as Kaspersky, BitDefender, Avast, Eset, McAfee? If so, check your settings to see that scripts from Garage Website Online are not being blocked.
  8. Did you clear your browser cache? Clearing your browser’s cache lets you view the most updated version of your website. Please also check whether the problem occurs on other browsers as well.


Should you continue to experience difficulties, feel free to send a message to our Support Team along with the following information:

  • Explanation of the error and when it occurs
  • Screenshot of the error and information about when it occurs. You can read about how to take a screenshot here
  • Details of your operating system and browser: open the website in your browser and copy the data shown
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