How do I add video to my website?

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Add Gallery Module

  1. Go to Dashboard page in your account.
  2. Select the required site (click on site’s image).
  3. Click Edit Site button.
  4. From Add New or Edit Pages drop-down list, select the page that you would like to edit.
    Dashboard ‹ My Car Garage — Wordpress 2 1024X495 3
  5. Once the Website Builder is loaded, click on plus button to open a Content Panel.
    Repairs My Car Garage 4 1024X465 5
  6. On the Modules tab, drag & drop to your page:
    • Video module to add single video
    • Video Gallery to create video gallery
      Repairs My Car Garage 32 1024X495 1
  7. On the General tab select the source of your video:
    1. YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion – just provide a link to your video
    2. Self Hosted – upload the video file from your device.
      Note: it’s good to compress your file before uploading it. You can use a free online service, to create a smaller mp4 video file.
      Repairs My Car Garage 33 1024X465 1
  8. On the General tab, under:
    • Video Options – adjust video settings: auto-play, mute, loop, show/hide controls
    • Overlay & Lightbox – use an overlay image with custom play button instead of 1st frame of video
      Click Save button, to apply changes.

      Repairs My Car Garage 34 1024X465 1

  9. Click Done → Publish to save changes to your page.
    Repairs My Car Garage 35 1024X495 1
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