Adding Your Site’s Business Information

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Business Information

You can add essential information about your business and site such as your business name, logo, contact information and address on the Business Info page in your site’s dashboard. This information is what appears across the whole website and in search results.
To update your logo, please see this guide: Adding/Updating Your Logo

To add your business information

  1. Go to Dashboard page in your account.
  2. Select the required site (click on site’s image).
  3. Click Edit Site button.
  4. Click on Business Details in My Business Details section.
    Dashboard ‹ My Car Garage — Wordpress 1024X495 1.Jpg 1
  5. Enter/Update your business details and click Update button to save changes.
    Settings ‹ My Car Garage — Wordpress 1024X465 1.Jpg 1

Note: Ensure that all details are correct.
Your business information, will get automatically updated on your website.
E.g. email address will be used in your contact form (each email sent by visitor will be redirected to your mailbox)
Address (address for g maps field) will be used to generate maps on your site.

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