Organizing your Email Messages

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You can organize your email messages into folders.
Please see this guide to create extra folders: Mailbox Folders

Special System Folders

Some folders have a special meaning and are used by the system to place messages in.
These special folders are indicated with an individual icon in the list and usually cannot be deleted or renamed.

Inbox – This is where new messages arrive.
Drafts – When composing messages you can save them temporarily as draft. Such messages are stored in this folder and can be picked up for editing here.
Sent – Unless configured otherwise, a copy of each message you compose and send to others will be saved to this folder.
Deleted Items – When you delete a message, it is moved to this folder and not deleted immediately. Note: trashed messages will automatically be removed from this folder after a certain time. You can also empty the trash folder manually.
Spam – Received messages that were marked by the system as spam, will end up in this folder.
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How to Move Messages to Folders

Filing messages to specific folders is as simple as dragging a message from the list with the mouse and dropping it on the folder you want it moved to. That also works with multiple messages selected.

If the target folder is a subfolder and not currently visible, just hold the mouse over the parent folder while dragging, and it’ll expand automatically after two seconds. Move the mouse (while dragging) over the folder list footer to let it scroll until the target folder moves into sight.
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