How to Forward an Email

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  1. Start by logging into webmail.
    Remember, you can log into webmail by visiting Also, be sure to use the full email address as the username and the password associated with the email account you are logging into.
    Webmail Login 1 1024X495 16
  2. Click Mail button located on the left-hand side.
    Roundcube Webmail Inbox 7 1024X465 3
  3. Select the folder (e.g. Inbox), click on email message to open it.
    Roundcube Webmail Inbox 8 1024X465 3
  4. Click Forward button.
    Roundcube Webmail Inbox 12 1024X465 1
  5. Enter the email address, to which you would like to forward this message.
    Optionally, you can attach some files, and/or delete some attachments.
    Click Send button.
    Roundcube Webmail Compose 8 1024X495 1
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