Vehicle Overview Screen

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To access Vehicle Overview Screen, click on any Registration Plate Number (e.g. 19 Dashboard 4 4) visible across the GI system.
To search for particular vehicle, please follow this guide:  Search for Vehicle in database.

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  1. Vehicle Menu – quick access to Job Cards, Reminders, AppointmentsInvoicesQuotes, Credit NotesExpensesTasksTimesheetsFilesDiscussionsActivity related to this vehicle.
  2. Vehicle Status – current vehicle status. Learn about Vehicle Statuses, and how to Change, Update Vehicle Status.
  3. Vehicle Options – additional vehicle options. Learn how to Invoice Vehicle Tasks and Timesheets in one go, Pin Vehicle to Sidebar for faster access, Copy and Delete vehicle.
  4. Vehicle & Customer Details – easily Update Vehicle details, view Vehicle MOT Records or view Customer Details.
  5. Admin Notes and Staff Assigned.
  6. Upcoming Job Cards, Reminders and Appointments.
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