Create Job Card

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  1. On the Vehicle Overview Screen click Job Cards.
    You can also click ‘+ New Job Card’ button and go to step 3 of this guide.
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  2. Click New Job Card button.
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  3. Customer and Vehicle fields will be filled in automatically when creating Job Card from Vehicle Overview Screen.
    Optionally, enter the Mileage of the vehicle.
    21 Add New Job Card 1 1024X497 2Fill in the information under the Job Card Details section.
    21 Add New Job Card 1024X490 2

    Additional Settings are optional.
    21 Add New Job Card 1024X490 2

    Add Labour/Parts/Items if required.

    All Job Card Items can be easily Converted to Invoice or Converted to Quote.

    Job Card items can be added using ‘Add Item’ dropdown (1), or manually by providing Item Name, Description, Rate and TAX/VAT (2).

    Note: If  you need to add new Items to the system (Add Item dropdown list), please follow this guide: Add New Item

    21 Add New Job Card1 1024X490 2

  4. Click
    Save & Send – to send Job Card to Customer. Customer will receive an email with the link to view, accept or decline Job Card.
    Once Job Card is sent, status will change to ‘Sent’.
    Save – to save Job Card.
    21 Add New Job Card2 1024X490 2
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