Create Credit Note

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  1. On the Vehicle Overview Screen, click Credit Notes.
    23 Gu17 Dhx 1024X497 8
  2. Click New Credit Note button.
    23 Gu17 Dhx 1 1024X497 2
  3. Fill in Customer and Vehicle fields.
    23 Add New Credit Note 1024X497 2
  4. Optional Credit Note Settings: Set Credit Note Date (current date by default), and Credit Note Number.
    23 Add New Credit Note 2 1024X497 2
  5. Optional Additional Settings: provide reference #, and add notes.
    23 Add New Credit Note 3 1024X497 2
  6. Add Credit Note lines/items.
    1. You can use Add Item dropdown with pre-defined list of items. Name, Description, Rate and TAX/VAT will get automatically filled in.
      Click on Add Item dropdown, select an item from the list and click 23 Create New Invoice 2 8 Add button.
      23 Add New Credit Note 1024X490 2

      Note: If you need to add new Items to the system (Add Item dropdown list), please follow this guide: Add New Item

    2. Manually Enter credit note items.
      Enter Item Name, Description, Qty, Rate and select TAX/VAT. Click 23 Create New Invoice 2 8 Add button.
      23 Add New Credit Note1 1024X490 2
  7. Credit Note Items will get added to the list.
    You can still update each line (e.g. quantities, descriptions, rates, tax/vat), re-order item lines, or delete a line by clicking 23 Create New Invoice 3 8
    23 Add New Credit Note2 1024X490 2
  8. Optional: Credit Note Discount and Adjustment.
    You can set Credit Note Discount (percentage or fixed amount) that can be applied before or after tax/vat.
    You can make additional adjustment. Adjustment can also be a negative numbers (e.g -5).
    23 Add New Credit Note3 1024X490 2
  9. Optional: Client Notes & Terms.
    You can enter additional information to Client Note field and provide some additional Terms & Conditions.
    Both fields will be visible at the bottom of the Credit Note (PDF and online document).
    23 Add New Credit Note5 1024X490 2
  10. Click SAVE button to add invoice to the system or Save & Send – save and send credit note email to customer.
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