Add New Payment Mode | Create Payment Mode (cash, cheque, Card or custom)

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  1. Click SETUP, located on the sidebar menu (left-hand side of the screen).
    27 Dashboard1 1024X490 80
  2. Click Finance menu.
    27 Dashboard 1024X497 16
  3. Select Payment Modes option.
    27 Dashboard 1 1024X497 16
  4. Click New Payment Mode button.
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  5. Enter Payment Mode Name (e.g. Bank’s Name), and Description (account details).
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  6. Check/Uncheck:
    Active –  to make this payment mode activated/de-activated
    Show Description/Details on Invoice PDF – to show/hide details on the bottom of PDF documents
    Selected by default on invoice – to make this payment mode always selected when creating new Invoice

    Optionally, you can assign this payment mode to Invoices or Expenses only.
    27 Payment Modes 2 1024X497 4

  7. Click Save button.
    27 Payment Modes 3 1024X497 4
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