Create Credit Note from Invoice

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  1. Click Sales → Invoices menu located on the sidebar menu (left-hand side of the screen).
    You can also use a shortcut menu. Just click 10 Dashboard 3 31 eye symbol under the Invoices shortcut.
    Screenshot .Uk 2022.08.25 16 40 22 1024X490 43
  2. Hover the cursor over the Invoice number, and click Edit.
    Screenshot .Uk 2022.08.26 13 17 17 1024X490 13
  3. Click More button, and select Create Credit Note.
    Screenshot .Uk 2022.08.26 15 20 39 1024X490 2

    Note: When creating a credit note from a non paid invoice, the credit note amount will get applied to this invoice.


  4. Ensure that all details are correct and click:
    Save – to save Credit Note
    Save & Send – to save Credit Note, and send Notification to Customer
    Screenshot .Uk 2022.08.26 15 32 38 1
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