Convert Expense to Invoice

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Billable expenses can be easily converted or added to an Invoice.

Add Expense to an Invoice

When creating an Invoice for a particular Customer, expenses available to bill will be displayed on the top of the page.
Simply put a checkmark next to the expense, and it will be automatically added to the invoice items list:10 Create New Invoice 1024X497 3


Add Expense to an Invoice when invoicing vehicle

When Invoicing the vehicle, ensure that the expense is selected.
10 Wa69 Oxb 1024X497 3

Convert Expense to an Invoice

  1. Click Sales menu located on the sidebar menu (left-hand side of the screen).
    10 Dashboard 8 1024X497 7
  2. Click Expenses option.
    10 Dashboard 10 1024X497 7
  3. Click on the expense Name.
    10 Expenses 1 1024X497 5
  4. Click Convert to Invoice button.
    10 Expenses 2 1024X497 1
  5. Select additional options, and click Confirm button.
    10 Expenses 3 1024X497 1
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