Add New Customer

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  1. Click on ‘CUSTOMERS‘ option located on the sidebar menu (left-hand side of the screen).
    You can also use a shortcut menu. Just click + symbol under the Customers shortcut and go to step 3 of this guide.
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  2. Click New Customer button.
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  3. Enter a Full Name (for an individual customer), or Company Name (for a business customer).
    Optionally, you can fill in Telephone number, Address, and assign this Customer to a Group.
    To create more Customer Groups, please see this guide: Add New Customer Group

    Note: Use Postcode Lookup to search for a full address. Just enter the postcode, click Postcode Lookup button, and select address from the list.

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  4. Click:
    SAVE – to create Customer without contact.

    Note: Customer without Contact will not be able to receive email notifications (invoices, quotes, eJob Cards, reminders, appointments, custom messages), or login to Customer Portal to view statements, pay invoices online etc.

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    SAVE AND CREATE CONTACT  – to create Customer with Contact.
    Fill in Contact details (First Name, Last Name and Email fields are required), select additional options, and click SAVE button.
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