Refund Credit Note to Customer

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If you’ve made a direct payment to your customer towards the amount owed to him, you can record this in Garage Invoice against the corresponding credit note created.

  1. Click Sales menu located on the sidebar menu (left-hand side of the screen).
    Screenshot .Uk 2022.08.26 18 11 02 1024X490 4
  2. Click Credit Notes option.
    Screenshot .Uk 2022.08.26 18 13 10 1024X490 4
  3. Click on Credit Note number.
    Screenshot .Uk 2022.08.26 18 14 17 1024X490 3
  4. Click More button, and select Refund.
    Screenshot .Uk 2022.08.26 18 42 31 1024X490 1
  5. Enter the Refund Amount, Date, Refund Payment Mode and a Note.
    Click Save button.
    Screenshot .Uk 2022.08.26 18 45 01 1024X490 1

    Note: If you refund the full balance of Credit Note, Credit Note status will auto-change to closed.
    If partial refund was made, Credit Note status will stay Open.

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